Something In-between, 2023

4m clear LDPE sheeting, 4m pink anti-static LDPE sheeting, LDPE bags, mixed plastic sheeting, packing tape.
16'-8" x 16'-8" x 7'-10"

Something In-Between explores a speculative way of making space by inflating trash and inhabiting the space between. Construction waste from the site and other plastics destined to be garbage are recontextualized as both a playful being and a space to inhabit. Through this process, a quilt of plastic becomes the skin of the inflated space, inflating the perception of a material whose ubiquity presses down around us every day.  As the work balloons through garage doors onto the street, it forms a malleable threshold of multi-coloured opacities and ad-hoc windows. These portals invite the public to engage with those on the other side, separated yet drawn together by a thin plastic membrane.

Presented at Mur Mitoyen at Espace Transmission, Montréal, QC.
Curated by Alexis and Clara Cousineau.

Thank you to Meg Macrae for their generous support.