Plastic Ornaments, 2019

4m pink anti-static LDPE sheeting, MDF.

Constructed in 1850, the St. Lawrence Hall is one of Canada’s earliest public social establishments and a cornerstone of Renaissance Revival architecture within Toronto.

As a site-specific project, Plastic Ornaments celebrates the historic venue's architecture by exaggerating forms and motifs found in its ornamentation. Working with the Great Hall as site, Studio Rat produced a collection of interlocking inflatable archways and ellipses that filled the room and carved out unique pockets of space for guests to explore.A spectrum of warm colours were projected onto the translucent plastic forms and the surrounding interior, resulting in a dreamlike playful interior condition.  

Commissioned by DesignTO. Presented at the festival’s 2019 Opening Exhibition Launch at the St. Lawrence Hall, Toronto, ON.

Thank you to Jacqueline Hampshire, Curtiss Randol0ph, The Design Fabrication Zone, Deborah Wang, Jeremy Vandermeij, and the entire DesignTO team for their generous support.