Assembly, 2019

Studio Rat designed and fabricated a series of inflated sets as part of MONEYPHONE’s 4-part video series ‘Assembly’. This project marked our first cross-disciplinary collaboration, in which our creative process blended with that of videographers, photographers, and musicians.

Videos directed by Kostadin Kolev, NOSCHT Studios
Photography by Curtiss Randolph and Nik Arthur.

Creative direction by Studio Rat, Enoch Ncube, and David May.

Toronto and Kitchener, ON

As the name suggests, Assembly was a project based on the mixing of contradictory music genres, and stylings. Following this theme, Studio Rat fabricated a variety of inflatables that became the common stylistic thread throughout the series, as they incited interaction from the artists in each video. This project was an opportunity  to experiment with different pneumatic compositions and materials including various colours of LDPE sheeting and mylar. Each video presented its own challenges, textures, transparency and beauty.

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