Pony Tale, 2023
for COMPERSION by Maya Fuhr
SADE Gallery, Los Angeles

Pony Tale is a inflatable sculpture produced in collaboration with Maya Fuhr for her  first US solo exhibition; Comperson. The piece is a playful take on a pony tail that emerges from the gallery wall and arcs downward to the floor. The form is quilted together from fragmented patches of Fuhr's latex photographs and Studio Rat's foraged plastic to produce a strange and otherworldly surface texture which invites touching and petting.

Garden of Inflated Delights, 2022

Studio Rat was recently commissioned to design and fabricate an inflatable installation for the condom company JEMS’ Rubber Hearts panel discussion and party series.
ACE Hotel
Toronto, ON

Sculptural elements hand-made from reclaimed plastic mattress bags playfully draw on phallic forms found in nature. This collection of inflated flora overtake the bar of the ACE Hotel, creating a curious landscape of what could be cacti, mushrooms, penises or condoms…you decide!

This installation spans over 100’ long and is made with over 1043 pieces of hand cut and heat sealed pieces of plastic!

L.D.P.E Quilt, 2022
Artscape Girbaltar Point

L.D.P.E. (Lovely, Dreamy, Plastic Experience) Quilt is an exploration in slow-making an inflated space. The installation is a plastic assemblage pieced together from reclaimed plastic sheeting and 152 plastic bags from the Toronto Island community.

Studio Rat was awarded a spot in Artscape Gibraltar Point’s 2022 Winter Island Artist in Residency Program.

Photography by Nik Arthur.
Wards Island
Toronto, ON

By quilting with plastic scraps and an industrial heat sealer in place of fabric the artists translate historic practices of “making-do” to our current place and time - with climate collapse looming on the horizon. L.D.P.E Quilt is a soft-space sculpted from plastic and air that playfully holds community whilst opposing the typical organisation of our built environment. Similar to a quilt, this work showcases the imprint of those whose hands these bags have passed through. This is amplified through the time and attention spent to saving, storing, crafting, seaming, and patching this material together, emerging as an unexpectedly intimate portrait of consumer habits and domestic life.

Made with 152 low density polyethylene plastic bags (LDPE) and reclaimed LDPE plastic sheeting, tape, air. 20’ x 20’

Desert Bubble, 2022
Jon Waltz

We were commissioned by Jon Waltz for an outdoor music performance and subsequent video production for his single ‘Trainwreck’. For this project Emily designed and built the classic ‘pillow-style’ inflatable following one of Studio Rat’s favourite open-source instructional booklet; Ant Farm’s inflatocookbook.

Videos directed by Nik Arthur. Director of photography; Kostadin Kolev, NOSCHT Studios

Joshua Tree, CA

Made with reclaimed LDPE plastic sheeting, tape,  air. 12’ x 8’ x 8’

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