Soft Monument, 2023

Made with reclaimed L.D.P.E plastic sheeting, wood, air, axial fan, misc. Hardware, 12′ W x 13′ L x 10′ H.
exhibited at Art Nest,
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Soft Monument explores collective agency in place–making by crafting with discarded plastics and air. The translucent membrane of plastic defamiliarizes the familiar, obscuring the dense and privatised urban surroundings beyond. Wind, sunlight and human movement animate the inflated bubble. Transformed by air, quilted mattress bags become both a playful being and an intimate gathering space. As we become performers and observers to one another, the boundaries between public and private spheres are blurred. The dynamic nature of this temporary gathering space presents a future free from permanency and static monumentality.

Inflatables 101 (Workshop), 2023
The Bentway 

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Canoe Landing
Toronto, ON

Inflatables 101 is an educational workshop that explores the experiential and impermanent qualities of inflatable architecture in relation to single-use plastics and circular design thinking. During this hands-on experience, we walk participants through the step-by-step process of making a 20’ inflatable bubble by using a mix of reclaimed plastic sheeting and plastic bags.

In collaboration with the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.

Pony Tale, 2023
for COMPERSION by Maya Fuhr
SADE Gallery, Los Angeles

Pony Tale is a inflatable sculpture produced in collaboration with Maya Fuhr for her  first US solo exhibition; Comperson. The piece is a playful take on a pony tail that emerges from the gallery wall and arcs downward to the floor. The form is quilted together from fragmented patches of Fuhr's latex photographs and Studio Rat's foraged plastic to produce a strange and otherworldly surface texture which invites touching and petting.

Garden of Inflated Delights, 2022

Studio Rat was recently commissioned to design and fabricate an inflatable installation for the condom company JEMS’ Rubber Hearts panel discussion and party series.
ACE Hotel
Toronto, ON

Sculptural elements hand-made from reclaimed plastic mattress bags playfully draw on phallic forms found in nature. This collection of inflated flora overtake the bar of the ACE Hotel, creating a curious landscape of what could be cacti, mushrooms, penises or condoms…you decide!

This installation spans over 100’ long and is made with over 1043 pieces of hand cut and heat sealed pieces of plastic!

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